Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails Ground Breaking

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Rails to Trails
Advisory Committee

The Commissioners of Ridgely appointed a RAILS TO TRAILS CITIZEN ADVISORY COMMITTEE to assist in the design and planning of the “Greater Ridgely Rails to Trails Project.” The committee is composed of Ridgely residents and a member from each of the Town’s standing committees. The committee meets monthly and a planning/design consultant has been hired to help with professional advice on the project.

The initial project involved leasing the State’s RR right of way that runs through the center part of Town and developing it into a pedestrian/hiker/biker type of trail. It was later expanded to include the development of an “Olde Tyme Railroad Village” since the Town owns the railroad station already and received as a donation, an actual Reading Railroad caboose.

Funding for the project has come from the Maryland Department of Transportation in the form of a $200,000 grant, and a grant from the Eastern Shore Heritage, Inc, “Stories of the Chesapeake” organization in the amount of $2200. Further funding is to be pursued.

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Front row L-R: Janice White, Nancy Gearhart, Sue Simmons (Director of Caroline Co. Parks & Rec.)
Back row L-R: John Balderson, Leo Stepp, Martin Sokolich, Jerry Sutton.