Ridgely Historical Society

Ridgely’s first Historical Society was formed by Janice White in November of 2005. In March of 2006, the Ridgely Historical Society became a chapter of the Caroline County Historical Society and adapted the following mission statement:

“In order to promote public awareness and appreciation of the history of Ridgely and Caroline County, the Ridgely Chapter collects, preserves and makes available to the public, historical records and artifacts of local interest. The Chapter encourages historical inquiry, historical preservation and supports scholarly research, believing that an understanding of the past will illuminate the present and procide vision for the future”.


Joseph Anderson
Rodney Dobson – Secretary
Carolyn Garrett
Gayle Scherer
Betty Jean Mumford
Dale Mumford
Linda Moore – Vice President
Cathy Schwab – President
Rick Schwab
Jerry Sutton – Treasurer
Steve Tomczewski
Janice White – Retired President


Anyone interested in joining the Ridgely Historical Society should write to: PO Box 155, Ridgely, MD 21660 .

2014 CHRISTMAS DECORATION CONTEST – Monday, December 22nd

Judging Decorations 2014

DECORATE YOUR HOME & BUSINESSES AND WIN PRIZES – Contest Courtesy of the Ridgely Historical Society


Ridgely Fall Festival Photo Album 2012

Ridgely Old Time Days Photo Album 2011

Ole’ Time Ridgely Days 2013

Ponyrides OutstandingDreamsFarm.jpg#2 OutstandingDreamsFarm IMGP29335 IMGP2965 IMGP2964 IMGP2963 IMGP2962 IMGP2961 IMGP2960 IMGP2959 IMGP2958 IMGP2957 IMGP2956 IMGP2955 IMGP2954 IMGP2953 IMGP2952 IMGP2951 IMGP2950 IMGP2949 IMGP2948 IMGP2947 IMGP2946 IMGP2945 IMGP2943 IMGP2942 IMGP2941 IMGP2939 IMGP2938 IMGP2937 IMGP2935 IMGP2932 IMGP2931 IMGP2930 IMGP2929 IMGP2928 IMGP2927 IMGP2926 IMGP2925 IMGP2924 IMGP2922 IMGP2921 IMGP2920 IMGP2919 IMGP2917 IMGP2916 IMGP2915 IMGP2913 IMGP2911 IMGP2909 IMGP2908 IMGP2907 IMGP2906 IMGP2905 IMGP2904 IMGP2903 IMGP2902 IMGP2901 IMGP2900 IMGP2899 IMGP2897 IMGP2896 IMGP2895 IMGP2894 IMGP2893 IMGP2892 IMGP2891 IMGP2890 IMG_2177 IMG_2176 HighSchoolOrchestra DSC_0155 DSC_0153 DSC_0151 DSC_0145 DSC_0139 DSC_0138 DSC_0131


Farmer’s Market Photo Album


Ridgely Telephone Exchange Building Album

Ridgely in the Fall Album
Photos by Cathy and Rich Schwab

2009 Strawberry Festival

Old Time Ridgely Days II 2009

Ole Time Ridgely Day 2009

Ridgely History Books on Sale at Town Office

Take a walk through Ridgely’s past with Andrew (Tommy) Rampmeyer’s collection of Ridgely History.
(Available at the Ridgely Town Hall for $10.00)

history books

Madge Thomas 103 birthday

2012 Ridgely Fall Festival Photo Album

bridal photo shoot ad


MEET 92813

Caboose Diary updated 11/14

Oct. 5, 2011 Caboose Photo Album

10/20/11 Caboose Painting Album

August 2011



Caboose Then & Now

Town Clock Installation
Photo Album
Town Clock

Ridgely StreetClock

town clock update

railroad station ad

fountain300 1915 Water Fountain

Phone Building Dedication

The Ridgely Historical Society is looking for a donantion of an antique wooden, glass front cabinet (preferrably with a lock) to display their donated items at the Ridgely Town Hall. Please contact Cathy Schwab 410-634-9235 to contribute or for more information.

The Ridgely Historical Society meets the first Thursday of every month at 7pm at the Ridgely Town Office. The public is welcome to attend all meetings.

Come Show and Tell, donate or tell us something that is part of Ridgely’s history.

Historical Society
Historic Society: (bottom L-R)
: Rodney Dobson, Cathy Schwab, Nancy Gearhart, Rick Schwab, Elsie Ebling, Janice White (President), Jerry Sutton.
Not pictured: Linda Moore, Dale & Betty Jean Mumford.

The Ridgely Historical Society became a chapter of the Caroline County Historical Society in March 2006. It was formed by Janice White in November 2005. There was no other Historical Society in Ridgely before that. The Ridgely Historical Society is a chapter of the Caroline County Historical Society

These are also the founding members who helped in the organization of this society. Other members are: Linda Moore, Dale & Betty Jean Mumford, Cathy & Rick Schwab, and Joe Mangini.



Buy a minute of Ridgely’s time

Brick Sale

The Ridgely Historical Society is selling engraved bricks to become part of the living history of Ridgely. The bricks will be used as pavers in the park by the Train Station. The bricks are $20 each.


There is also a 4″x8″ designer brick available (your choice of art) for $60 each.
A 8″x8″ brick is also available (suggested for businesses) for $150.


If you would like to purchase a brick, you can stop by the town office and pick up an application.