Tree Commission

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The Tree Commission meets the
4th Thursday of the month
6:30 pm • Town Hall

Ridgley Tree CommissionTree commission members: Bottom to top(stairway): Lisa Takala, Toby Gearhart, Monica Takala, Joanne Shipley(Chair),
(Not Pictured) Leo Stepp

The Ridgely Tree Commission was formed in 2003 to protect existing trees and to replace those that have been taken down in the town’s public roadside. Ridgely is in the midst of an unprecedented renaissance. As it’s old buildings are being lovingly restored by new residents that move here, the ambiance of Ridgely’s roadside trees must be restored for the betterment of the town.

To take on this task is Toby and Nancy Gearhart, Monika Takala, Robin Eaton and Joanne Shipley. They will recommend and oversee where new trees should be planted and suggest which trees need pruning or removing. Except in the case of imminent danger to life or property, neither the Town nor any individual or agent of any individual is permitted to destroy or remove a tree on municipal property or right of way over two inches in diameter at its base without the written approval of the Tree Commission. If it’s been decided a tree should be removed, it will be replaced. When replaced, root deflectors are used to force roots straight down to avoid buckling sidewalks as the trees grow.

Ridgely has a long history of tree lined streets and with the help of the Tree Commission it will continue.

Tree Monument

tree momument2