Ridgely Police Department

 Police Patch

Office Number (410) 634-2151

Dispatch (410) 479-2515



Chief Manos
Chief of Police
Gary Manos



            Pfc. Geesey Gordon & Kita

Sgt. Gordon Geesey w/ K-9 Keita (ggeesey@ridgelymd.org)

Sgt. Geesey graduated from the University of Maryland in 1990.  He started his career in law enforcement with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office in 1991.  Sgt. Geesey was a member of the agency’s Honor Guard, an Evidence Technician, a certified instructor, and a Field Training Officer.  He received awards for both lifesaving & outstanding performance as well as being named Deputy of the Year in 1994.  Sgt. Geesey is a 2005 graduate of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.  He retired in 2014 as a member of the Command Staff, holding the rank of lieutenant.  He joined the Ridgely Police Department in 2015 and is currently the Assistant Chief and a K-9 Handler.



                                                                                                                                  Corporal Ewing                Stew & Ranger

       Cpl. Stewart Ewing w/ K-9 Ranger (sewing@ridgelymd.org)

Cpl Ewing has been with the Ridgely Police Department for 10 years.  He has been assigned to the Department’s K9 unit for the past two years with his partner K9 Ranger and is currently the Unit Supervisor.  Prior to coming to Ridgely Police, Cpl Ewing worked 6 1/2 years for the Department of Defense Police, 5 1/2 years at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Md and 1 year at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.  Before becoming a police officer Cpl Ewing served 4 years in the US Navy aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS America, during which time was deployed to the Persian Gulf in support  of Operation Desert Storm.  Cpl Ewing is currently a certified Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer Firefighter.



Pfc. R. Harper

Pfc. Ross Harper (rharper@ridgelymd.org)

PFC Harper started his law enforcement career in 1984 as a Park Ranger at Gunpowder Falls State Park in Baltimore County.  Working his way up through the ranks, PFC Harper was the Area Manager at one of Maryland’s busiest day use areas.  He became the Assistant Manager at Tuckahoe and Martinak State Parks.  After 20 years of service with the Maryland Park Service, PFC Harper transferred to the Natural Resources Police.  He retired from there in 2012, and began his career with the Ridgely Police.  PFC Harper is a certified Search and Rescue Manager, and has received numerous awards for both public service and investigative efforts.



Pfc Jeff Christopher

Pfc. Jeff Christopher (jchristopher@ridgelymd.org)

PFC Christopher was first hired as a police officer in Ridgely in 1988.  He served as the Chief of Police from 1995-1997.   From 1997-2000, PFC Christopher was a member of the Maryland Natural Resources Police. From 2009-2015, PFC Christopher was the elected Sheriff of Sussex County, DE.   PFC Christopher has received numerous awards throughout his career, and is currently a certified police trainer and firearms instructor.



Rob Lang, Pfc

 Pfc. Rob Lang (rlang@ridgelymd.org)



An officer is not in the office at all times. If you need their service, please call
CRIMINAL, CIVIL ISSUES: If you have an issue and need assistance, please call 410-479-2515 or 4013 and they will contact the officer on duty or dispatch an officer from the Sheriff’s office.

The Caroline County Drug Task Force Email is: ccdtftips@gmail.com

MESSAGE: Call 410-634-2151 to leave a message.

Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the Ridgely Police Department is to protect life and property, enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, preserve the peace, order, and safety of the community we serve, safeguard the constitutional guarantees, and provide other police-related services as required by the community in a manner consistent with the values of a free society.

To fulfill its mission, the Ridgely Police Department will strive to:

  •             Identify, pursue, and apprehend offenders.
  •             Insure the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular traffic on our public roadways.
  •             Interact with our citizens to resolve problems and improve the quality of community life.
  •             Maintain a proactive patrol attitude to reduce the opportunity to commit crime.
  •             Maintain order and regulate non-criminal conduct.

Although a society free from crime and disorder remains an unachievable task, it is the responsibility of the Ridgely Police Department to approach that vision by having its members develop a reputation for fairness and integrity that earns the respect of all citizens.

In order to respond in a professional manner to the challenges set forth in our mission, the Ridgely Police Department will create and maintain a quality work and managerial environment that focuses on agency goals and provides for career development for its personnel through training and reward for exemplary performance.


 HB 1016 Requirements – Policies and General Orders

Chapter 1 RPD General Order 1-4 Freedom of Association Act RPD General Order 1-3 Discrimination and Harassment RPD General Order 1-2 Rules of Conduct RPD General Order 1-7 Personal Social Networking Sites RPD General Order 1-6 Administrative Communications RPD General Order 1-5 Notification of Command Staff RPD General Order 1-1 Ethics in Law Enforcement

Chapter 2 RPD General Order 2-1 Appearance, Uniforms, Equipment RPD General Order 2-2 Secondary Employment RPD General Order 2-3 Sick Leave Usage RPD General Order 2-4 Overtime RPD General Order 2-5 Tobacco Usage RPD General Order 2-6 Formal Counseling of Police Employees RPD General Order 2-7 Filing of Complaints RPD General Order 2-8 Soft Body Armor RPD General Order 2-9 Social Media Use RPD General Order 2-10 Video Taping of Officers RPD General Order 2-11 Pregnancy Policy

Chapter 3 RPD General Order 3-1 Field Training Program RPD General Order 3-2 Blood Borne Pathogens RPD General Order 3-3 Diplomatic Immunity RPD General Order 3-4 Use of Force RPD General Order 3-5 Police Firearms RPD General Order 3-6 Off Duty Firearms RPD General Order 3-7 Auxiliary Police Weapons RPD General Order 3-8 Taser Policy RPD General Order 3-9 Officer Involved Shooting RPD General Order 3-10 Training RPD General Order 3-11 Preparation of CIR IR RPD General Order 3-12 Property and Evidence Procedures RPD General Order 3-13 Warrant Summons Procedures RPD General Order 3-14 DNA Database Collection RPD General Order 3-15 CapWIN Usage RPD General Order 3-16 LiNX Operations

Chapter 4 RPD General Order 4-1 Residential Premise Checks RPD General Order 4-2 Canine Operations RPD General Order 4-3 Family Violence RPD General Order 4-4 Mental Illness and Crisis RPD General Order 4-5 Identity Theft RPD General Order 4-6 Eyewitness Identification Procedures RPD General Order 4-7 Missing Persons RPD General Order 4-8 Heroin Overdose Response RPD General Order 4-9 AED Policy RPD General Order 4-10 Bomb Incident Response Plan

Chapter 5 RPD General Order 5-1 Procedures for Traffic Stops RPD General Order 5-2 Bias Based Profiling RPD General Order 5-3 Storage of Unattended or Abandoned Vehicles RPD General Order 5-4 Vehicle Towing Procedures RPD General Order 5-5 Must Appear Citations

Chapter 6 RPD General Order 6-1 Vulnerable Adult Investigations RPD General Order 6-2 Child Abuse Investigations RPD General Order 6-3 Sexual Assault Investigations RPD General Order 6-4 Violence Against Women Act RPD General Order 6-5 Consensual Monitoring

Chapter 7 RPD General Order 7-1 Maintenance and Non Issued Vehicle Equipment RPD General Order 7-2 Vehicle Operation RPD General Order 7-3 Pursuit Policy RPD General Order 7-4 Roadblock Policy RPD General Order 7-5 Transportation of Individuals

Chapter 8 RPD General Order 8-1 Precautionary Measures in Making Arrests RPD General Order 8-2 Arrest Processing Procedures RPD General Order 8-3 Use of Detention Area RPD General Order 8-4 Security of Prisoners for EMS and Hospitals RPD General Order 8-5 Issuance of Criminal Citations RPD General Order 8-6 ICE Securing Communities Program RPD General Order 8-7 Civil Marijuana Violations

Chapter 9 RPD General Order 9-1 Security of Departmental Records RPD General Order 9-2 CJIS and NCIC Usage RPD General Order 9-3 Physical Protection Policy RPD General Order 9-4 Citation Control Policy RPD General Order 9-5 Filing and Retention Schedule RPD General Order 9-6 Releasing of Reports RPD General Order 9-7 Public Information Act Requests RPD General Order 9-8 Outdoor Music Festival Safety Permits



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