Water & Sewer


MDE PUBLIC NOTICE of Water Quality

The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for all distribution and collection of water and waste water. This includes checking three wells daily and performing tests on the drinking water to ensure it is safe to drink. On the waste water side, four pump stations are checked daily to ensure proper operation.

The Water and Sewer Department also operates and maintains miles of under ground piping. The Waste Water Treatment Plant is where we maintain nineteen acres of storage lagoons and dispose of the effluent, either by spray irrigation (April- December,) or by stream discharge (January – March). Many tests are done on the effluent to ensure there is no pollution or impact to the environment.

Water meters are read:
- Third week of March
- Third week of June
- Third week of September
- Third week of December

“Tip from your Water and Sewer Superintendent”

Water: For the residents who irrigate their lawns we encourage them to do so at night. By doing so, the evaporation rate is at a minimum, and you will use less water.

Sewer: One of the problems we encounter is grease blocking our sewer lines. If we can minimize the amount of grease we pour down our drains, the less backups we will have. Also, while you’re cutting grass, look to see if you can find your clean out. If you can, make sure your cap is in place.


Water, sewer and garbage fees are billed quarterly on the first day of the quarter. Payment is due within 30 days of the date billed. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a late fee of 10% of the balance on the 31st day.
Any accounts remaining unpaid by the 42nd day will be disconnected, without notice and will be charged a $50 disconnect fee. DISCONNECTED PROPERTIES WILL BE RECONNECTED THE SAME DAY IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED PRIOR TO 4:30PM; PAYMENTS RECEIVED AFTER 4:30PM WILL BE RECONNECTED THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY

EFFECTIVE WITH YOUR 2013 QTR 1 BILLING (DUE APR 30) – WE WILL NO LONGER ISSUE/MAIL LATE NOTICES: Payment Arrangements will be accepted at Town Hall until 4pm on the day prior to DISCONNECT DATE (42nd day)

Please make sure we have your current mailing address. FAILURE TO RECEIVE BILL DOES NOT WAIVE PENALTIES.