Planning & Zoning Commission

The Ridgely Planning and Zoning Commission reviews all applications for subdivisions, renovations, demolitions, and construction within Ridgely. Upon review, the Commission will and approve, reject, or request changes to proposed projects. The Commission is guided by four documents :

  • Comprehensive Plan –outlines the vision for our town’s future
  • Zoning Ordinance – the specific ordinances that implement the vision of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Design Guidelines – ordinances that deal specifically with issues of preservation
  • Subdivision Regulations – regulations regarding the development process

The Planning and Zoning Commission writes and amends its ordinances and is currently reviewing the entire Comprehensive Plan. Any change to the law requires a full hearing and a majority vote by the Commissioners of Ridgely. Town planning in Ridgely over the past decade has been concerned primarily with preserving its small-town quality of life, architectural heritage, and original 1867 community design. To that end, the Design Guidelines have been very effective is saving a number of the older homes from demolition. Planning has emphasized the preservation of the grid and alley system as the town grows. New developments are connected to the grid street system on traditionally sized lots. In addition, new development conforms to standards for traditional neighborhood development and smart growth. These efforts help Caroline County preserve its agricultural character. If you have a project or issue to bring before the Commission, please make your application at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting.

Meeting Schedule

Meet as needed on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Commission Members

Martin Sokolich, Chair Jeff Garrett Rob McQuade David Crist, Director of Public Works Melissa Leonard, P&Z Administrator, Commission Secretary.

Join the Commission

If you would like to join the Planning & Zoning Commission, please contact the Town Office at 410-634-2177 or via email.

Board of Appeals The Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis. The Board reviews appeals of decisions made by the Planning & Zoning Commission that relate to certain special use exceptions, variances, and other matters.

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Ridgely Parks & Recreation

Ridgely Parks & Recreation oversees matters related to the Town’s parks and special events. The Commission also works with community groups and non-profits to provide children and adults with access to recreational opportunities.

Meeting Schedule

Meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at the Town Office.

Resources & Links

Caroline County Recreation & Parks

Tuckahoe State Park Adkins Arboretum

Parks & Properties

Martin Sutton Park

  • Pavillion
  • Playground
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Skateboard Park
  • Baseball Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Walking Path

Railroad Park

  • Train Station
  • Historic Horse Trough

Cowbarn Athletic Park

  • Baseball Fields

Ridgely Historical Society

Ridgely Historical Society is a chapter of Caroline County Historical Society, an independent non-profit organization. Ridgely Historical Society leadership works closely with the Town to preserve its unique history and culture. The organization also helps plan Town events. Ridgely Historical Society is always happy to welcome new members. Please visit their website to learn more.