Town Commissioners

Ridgely is governed by three Commissioners who are elected to three-year terms. Terms are staggered, so one Commissioner is elected each year in April. Town elections are held on the 4th Monday of April. There are no term limits for Town Commissioners. Each Commissioner serves as President in the final year of their term.

Commissioners’ meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Town Hall.

John Hurley – Commissioner
John Hurley has been a Ridgely Commissioner since 2012. His term expires in April 2018. Commissioner Hurley has lived on the Eastern Shore all his life and in Ridgely since 1987. His favorite thing about the town is its small-town charm. Commissioner Hurley has worked for the BWI Airport Fire Department for 30 years. He’s also a member of the Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department.

Anthony Casey – Commissioner
Anthony Casey has been a Ridgely Commissioner since 2010. Commissioner Casey is a Ridgely native and has lived in the town his whole life. His favorite thing about the Ridgely is how engaged its residents are with the local community. Commissioner Casey is a member of the Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department and serves on the Caroline County Tourism Board and the Caroline County Economic Development Advisory Group. He works in sales for Shoreline Vinyl Systems in Denton.

Leonard John Buckle – Commissioner
Email: jbuckle@ridgelymd.orgJohn Buckle has been a Ridgely Commissioner since 2013. Commissioner Buckle has lived in Ridgely all his life. His favorite thing about Ridgely is that it’s a small, quiet town where almost everyone gets along with one another. Commissioner Buckle owns a school bus and drives for the Caroline County Board of Education. He also works as a new bus driver trainer.

Town Administrators

Office Hours: M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
410-634-2177  |

Stephanie Berkey – Clerk-Treasurer
Phone: 410.634.2177

Stephanie Berkey, CMC is the Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Ridgely. She earned her Certified Municipal Clerk’s designation from the International Institute for Municipal Clerks in 2016, is a graduate from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy Academy for Excellence in Local Governance, and was the 2013 Maryland Rural Water Association Clerk of the Year. Stephanie is in charge of all the accounting and financial processes of the town, personal property tax billing, recording the minutes of all of the Town Meetings, keeping the records of town ordinances and resolutions, preparing the annual town budget, grant writing and administration, and processing accounts payable and the general ledger.

Melissa Leonard – Assistant Clerk-Treasurer/Zoning Administrator
Phone: 410.634.2177

Melissa Leonard, CMC is the Assistant Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Ridgely. She earned her Certified Municipal Clerk’s designation from the International Institute for Municipal Clerks and is a graduate from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy Academy for Excellence in Local Governance. Melissa is in charge of all the processing of receivables for the town, human resources and payroll, and recording the minutes of all of the Planning & Zoning Meetings. If you have questions about building permits and Zoning, she is your go-to liaison. She keeps track of the Rental Properties in town and schedules them for their tri-annual inspections. In addition, she handles all of the Commercial & Residential water billing accounts. Generally, if you have a question – she can get you an answer!

Gerald Sutton – Financial Assistant
Phone: 410.634.2177

Gerald Sutton, CPA is the Financial Assistant for the town. Jerry handles all bank reconciliations and acts as an advisor to the Commissioners on all financial matters. He also serves on the Parks & Recreation Board, is a member of the Ridgely Lions club, and is a life-long Ridgely resident.

Maintenance & Code Enforcement are provided by Middle Department lnspection Agency | 410-822-8300

Public Works

Office Hours: M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
410-634-2177  |
After-Hours / Emergency Number: 410-479-2515

The Ridgely Department of Public Works maintains Martin Sutton Park, Railroad Park, town streets & sidewalks, alleyways, signage, and equipment. The department also maintains the town’s flower beds and trees. The department is responsible for snow removal and public trash removal (through a contactor), and responding to citizens’ concerns regarding town infrastructure.

Regular Trash Pick-Up

Standard trash pick-up takes place every Monday.

Definitions & Policy Regarding Bulk Trash

Bulk trash pick-up for brush takes place weekly on Tuesdays (weather permitting). There is no charge for unbundled limbs and branches. These items cannot be mixed with anything else.
• To allow for all residents to be served weekly, it is requested that piled tree limbs & branches not exceed four (4) inches in diameter or four (4) feet in length AND No more than the size of the bed of a small pickup truck, should be placed out at a time.
Bulk trash pick-up for rubble also takes place weekly on Tuesdays (weather permitting) and must be paid in advance at the Town Office by 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to pick-up.
All bulk trash pick-up for rubble must be scheduled through the Town Office by visiting in person to pre-pay. Any questions, call 410.634.2177. Bulk items should be placed in the same location where your regular trash is picked up.
The rate for all other bulk items is $10 per item. This includes the following items, which cannot be mixed:
• Household rubble (furniture, TVs, wooden doors, and other household items)
• Metal items (bicycles with tires removed, appliances, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, air conditioners, swings, etc.
• Bagged yard waste
The town truck may be rented for $100/day plus tipping fees for large volume bulk trash. You may haul your own bulk items to the Mid-Shore II Regional Landfill located at 11930 Holly Road, Ridgely.

The following items are not permitted for bulk pick-up and will not be loaded. To dispose of these items, arrangements can be made with Mid-Shore II Regional Landfill (410-820-8383) or Dependable Sand, Stone & Recycling (410-822-6363). WE DO NOT TAKE ANY FLOORING, CONTRUCTION DEBRIS OR PORCELIAN/FIBERGLASS/CERAMIC
• Paint cans containing paint (unless the paint has been allowed to dry and has hardened)
• Chemical cans or bags
• Tires or tubes
• Asbestos
• Stumps & tree trunks
• Hazardous materials

Leaf pickup is done as needed, but more routinely as the leaves begin to accumulate. Place them loosely (unbagged) in the curb and we will come by with the leaf vacuum.

The Town may pick up tires annually in conjunction with Caroline County’s Tire Amnesty Program. This program is generally administered in the fall.

Street Plowing Requirements

Park off-street if at all possible. Please do not shovel snow into the street after it has been plowed. Please stay off the roads while they are being plowed if at all possible.

Report that a Street Light is Out

Report Street Light Outage

David Crist – Director of Public Works, Water & Waste Water Superintendent
Phone: 410.634.2177

James Moore – Maintenance Worker II

Brandon Samuel – Maintenance Worker II

The Maintenance Worker II position is an experienced position that performs a variety of specialized duties in construction and maintenance. Areas of responsibility include street maintenance, storm water systems, water and wastewater facilities, and other infrastructure.

Water & Sewer

The Water & Sewer Department is responsible for all distribution and collection of water and wastewater. This includes checking three wells daily and performing tests on the drinking water to ensure it is safe to drink. On the wastewater side, four pump stations are checked daily to ensure proper operation.

The Water & Sewer Department also operates and maintains miles of underground piping. At the Waste Water Treatment Plant, we maintain nineteen acres of storage lagoons and dispose of effluent, either by spray irrigation (April- December) or by stream discharge (January – March). Many tests are done on the effluent to ensure there is no negative impact on the environment.

Water meters are read according to the following schedule:

Third week of March
Third week of June
Third week of September
Third week of December

Rate Information

Water, sewer, and garbage fees are billed quarterly on the first day of the quarter. Payment is due within 30 days of the date billed. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a late fee of 10% of the balance on the 31st day.

Any accounts remaining unpaid by the 42nd day will be disconnected without notice and will be charged a $50 disconnect fee. DISCONNECTED PROPERTIES WILL BE RECONNECTED THE SAME DAY IF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED PRIOR TO 4:00 PM; PAYMENTS RECEIVED AFTER 4:00 PM WILL BE RECONNECTED THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY

MDE Water Programs

Ridgely Police Department

If you have an emergency, please call 911
Office Number: 410-634-2151  |  Dispatch: 410-479-2515

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of the Ridgely Police Department is to protect life and property, enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, preserve the peace, order, and safety of the community we serve, safeguard the constitutional guarantees, and provide other police-related services as required by the community in a manner consistent with the values of a free society.

To fulfill our mission, the Ridgely Police Department strives to:

  • Identify, pursue, and apprehend offenders
  • Ensure the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular traffic on our public roadways
  • Interact with our citizens to resolve problems and improve the quality of community life
  • Maintain a proactive patrol attitude to reduce the opportunity to commit crime
  • Maintain order and regulate non-criminal conduct

Although a society free from crime and disorder remains an unachievable task, it is the responsibility of the Ridgely Police Department to approach that vision by having its members develop a reputation for fairness and integrity that earns the respect of all citizens.

In order to respond in a professional manner to the challenges set forth in our mission, the Ridgely Police Department maintains high expectations for its leadership and officers. We emphasize career development for our personnel through ongoing training. Exemplary performance is rewarded.

Our Officers

Jeff Eckrich – Chief of Police

Chief Jeff Eckrich started his career as a Cadet in 1989 with the Greenbelt City Police. He spent five years with Greenbelt as a Cadet and Officer before joining the Prince George’s County Police Department in 1994. During his time here, he was as patrol in the Seat Pleasant and Hyattsville Districts before becoming a Detective in 1999. He spent 21 years as a Detective, with the last 12 in the Homicide Unit. He trained as a Field Training Officer and Communications Specialist.

Chief Eckrich has received numerous awards throughout his career including Investigator of the year in 2003 as well as various ones for Homicide and Robbery investigations. He was on the FBI Cold Case Homicide Task Force before retiring from PG in 2019 and is a Firefighter/Engineer with the Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department.

Officer Lone – Police Officer

Biography coming soon!

Officer Jones – Police Officer

Biography coming soon!

Officer Paskey – Police Officer

Biography coming soon!

Policies & General Orders (HB 1016 Requirements)

Special Orders
RPD Special Order 20-01 Patrol Functions and Potential Impact of COVID-19
RPD Special Order 20-02 Enforcement of Executive Orders
RPD Special Order 20-03 Death Investigations
RPD Special Order 20-04 Wearing of Face Masks COVID-19
Gov Ex Order Face Coverings COVID-19
Chapter 1
RPD General Order 1-1 Ethics in Law Enforcement
RPD General Order 1-2 Rules of Conduct
RPD General Order 1-3 Discrimination and Harassment
RPD General Order 1-4 Freedom of Association Act
RPD General Order 1-5 Notification of Command Staff
RPD General Order 1-6 Administrative Communications
RPD General Order 1-7 Personal Social Networking Sites
RPD General Order 1-9 Citizen Complaints
RPD General Order 1-10 Employee Assistance Program
RPD General Order 1-11 Early Warniing System

Chapter 2
RPD General Order 2-1 Appearance, Uniforms, Equipment
RPD General Order 2-2 Secondary Employment
RPD General Order 2-3 Sick Leave Usage
RPD General Order 2-4 Overtime
RPD General Order 2-5 Tobacco Usage
RPD General Order 2-6 Formal Counseling of Police Employees
RPD General Order 2-7 Filing of Complaints
RPD General Order 2-8 Soft Body Armor
RPD General Order 2-9 Social Media Use
RPD General Order 2-10 Video Taping of Officers
RPD General Order 2-11 Pregnancy Policy
Chapter 3
RPD General Order 3-1 Field Training Program
RPD General Order 3-2 Blood Borne Pathogens
RPD General Order 3-3 Diplomatic Immunity
RPD General Order 3-4 Use of Force
RPD General Order 3-5 Police Firearms
RPD General Order 3-6 Off Duty Firearms
RPD General Order 3-7 Auxiliary Police Weapons
RPD General Order 3-8 Taser Policy
RPD General Order 3-9 Officer Involved Shooting
RPD General Order 3-10 Training
RPD General Order 3-11 Preparation of CIR IR
RPD General Order 3-12 Property and Evidence Procedures
RPD General Order 3-13 Warrant Summons Procedures
RPD General Order 3-14 DNA Database Collection
RPD General Order 3-15 CapWIN Usage
RPD General Order 3-16 LiNX Operations
RPD General Order 3-17 Handle with Care Program
Chapter 4
RPD General Order 4-1 Residential Premise Checks
RPD General Order 4-2 Canine Operations
RPD General Order 4-3 Family Violence
RPD General Order 4-4 Mental Illness and Crisis
RPD General Order 4-5 Identity Theft
RPD General Order 4-6 Eyewitness Identification Procedures
RPD General Order 4-7 Missing Persons
RPD General Order 4-8 Heroin Overdose Response
RPD General Order 4-9 AED Policy
RPD General Order 4-10 Bomb Incident Response Plan
Chapter 5
RPD General Order 5-1 Procedures for Traffic Stops
RPD General Order 5-2 Bias Based Profiling
RPD General Order 5-3 Storage of Unattended or Abandoned Vehicles
RPD General Order 5-4 Vehicle Towing Procedures
RPD General Order 5-5 Must Appear Citations
RPD General Order 5-6 Motor Vehicle Collision Reporting and Investigations
Chapter 6
RPD General Order 6-1 Vulnerable Adult Investigations
RPD General Order 6-2 Child Abuse Investigations
RPD General Order 6-3 Sexual Assault Investigations
RPD General Order 6-4 Violence Against Women Act
RPD General Order 6-5 Consensual Monitoring
Chapter 7
RPD General Order 7-1 Maintenance and Non Issued Vehicle Equipment
RPD General Order 7-2 Vehicle Operation
RPD General Order 7-3 Pursuit Policy
RPD General Order 7-4 Roadblock Policy
RPD General Order 7-5 Transportation of Individuals
Chapter 8
RPD General Order 8-1 Precautionary Measures in Making Arrests
RPD General Order 8-2 Arrest Processing Procedures
RPD General Order 8-3 Use of Detention Area
RPD General Order 8-4 Security of Prisoners for EMS and Hospitals
RPD General Order 8-5 Issuance of Criminal Citations
RPD General Order 8-6 ICE Securing Communities Program
RPD General Order 8-7 Civil Marijuana Violations
Chapter 9
RPD General Order 9-1 Security of Departmental Records and Computers
RPD General Order 9-2 CJIS and NCIC Usage
RPD General Order 9-3 Physical Protection Policy
RPD General Order 9-4 Citation Control Policy
RPD General Order 9-5 Filing and Retention Schedule
RPD General Order 9-6 Releasing of Reports
RPD General Order 9-7 Public Information Act Requests
RPD General Order 9-8 Outdoor Music Festival Safety Permits

Ridgely Volunteer Fire Company

The Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department has served the greater Ridgely community since 1905. The volunteers who generously give their time to the Department provide both fire and emergency services. Their coverage area expands well beyond the town limits of Ridgely to the surrounding unincorporated areas of Caroline County. To learn more about the Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department, please visit their website.